Daylight Savings = Change Smoke Detector Batteries

Olivia, from Just Fix It, with a daylight savings weekend home maintenance tip for homeowners.


Video Transcript:

Hey Y’all! Olivia from Just Fix It here.

I’m just fixing the clocks in my house, now that we’ve been through the spring forward daylight savings weekend. I wanted to come on here and remind you guys, as you’re doing the same thing, that every time you change your clocks during daylight savings… it’s one of the best opportunities to take care of a little task that you don’t usually think about otherwise, and that’s changing your smoke detector batteries.

So, as you’re walking around the house getting things fixed up, unless you’re like me and wait sometimes till like a month later, but that’s now what this video is about.

When you do get around to changing the clocks, I also recommend checking out your smoke detector batteries. We want to change those at least once a year. It’ super important to get done in the case of an emergency, obviously. And, so what better time to take care of it.

Y’all leave me a comment. Let me know your status and if you are going to be doing your smoke detector batteries like me during this daylight savings.

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