Folks in the Greater Houston, TX, area understand that when your AC unit goes down in the summer, it is an emergency.

Houstonians are no stranger to hurricanes and violent rainstorms. When tragedy strikes and your AC system goes down, you can bet it will still be hot and humid outside. If you are looking for “air conditioning repair near me” or “24-hour air conditioning repair,” give Just Fix It a service call, and we can provide you with our emergency AC repair service at a moment’s notice.

Trust Just Fix It to have your best interest in mind. We offer you the opportunity to request a second opinion on your AC repair quote to keep us accountable. Our priority is your safety, not upselling or cutting corners. Here at Just Fix It, we want to foster long-term relationships with our customers.

Central Emergency Air Conditioning Repair

Many homes are cooled by a central air conditioning unit, meaning cool air gets dispersed throughout the entire house from one central location.

So, if your one source of air conditioning goes down, then your whole home will warm up pretty quickly.

Call Just Fix It at 281-617-2231 for emergency air conditioning repair on your central AC unit.

Ductless Emergency Air Conditioning Repair

Ductless mini split AC units need repairs, too. If you lose cool air in your bedroom, you will soon realize you have an emergency on your hands.

While ductless mini splits are less common, Just Fix It has experienced technicians who can diagnose problems and repair them.

Call Just Fix It for emergency air conditioning repair on your ductless mini split systems.

Emergency AC Maintenance

AC maintenance includes regularly changing filters and comprehensive condenser coil cleaning. This guarantees that cold air flows freely throughout the air conditioning system and reduces energy costs while improving unit

Emergency AC Tune-Up

An AC tune-up is key to the AC maintenance process. It involves inspecting the coolant levels and ensuring all moving parts are lubricated.

Your ductwork is inspected to check for potential cool air leaks. Electrical connection points are secured. Lastly, the unit performance is measured and compared to the unit’s standard output.

Emergency AC Installation

Just Fix It can also install a brand new AC system for your home. We have expert HVAC technicians who will properly install your unit to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

In some extreme cases, you may need to replace your current unit. Just Fix It can handle that, too.

Fix More Save More

Just Fix It offers a wide array of specials for AC installation. Remember that the more you fix (or, in this case, the more you install), the more potential savings you can have! Check your thermostat, first. Try switching it back to On or Auto. If that doesn’t solve the issue, examine your AC filter. If it’s black, then you need to make a switch. If it’s white, it is good to go.

Still having issues? Call Just Fix It at 281-617-2231. We will take care of it. Houston regularly hits 100+ degrees in the summer. An air conditioner is the only thing that makes summer livable here.

Step into your garage during the summer. That is what your home would feel like without an AC.

Yes, it is an emergency air conditioning repair. An emergency is when your AC stops working or when it poses a threat, like an exposed wire or fire. Refrigerant replacement and capacitor replacement are common AC repairs. Filter changing happens often, as well.

If your AC is not cooling, it is still using lots of electricity. Turn it off and call Just Fix It to help you diagnose the problem and administer the solution. If you leave your AC running, you could soon need an emergency air conditioning repair. You are likely out of refrigerant if this occurs or experience a leak. If it is leaking, call Just Fix It. Check your filters, thermostat, and air intake. If debris is blocking air from entering your AC unit, remove it.

If addressing these steps does not fix your AC, you may have a bigger problem on your hands. Call Just Fix It and we’ll get it fixed.

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