AC tune-ups are essential when it comes to ensuring a long life for your Greater Houston, TX, home's AC unit. Not only can you prevent expensive HVAC issues and avoid costly repairs, but you can reduce the cost of your month-to-month utility bill.

What should you expect from an air conditioning tune-up? You should expect your AC unit to run much more efficiently keeping your home cool throughout the summer. Tune-ups can also help you to prepare for "unexpected" repairs, and in most cases, alleviate the repair before it happens. Just Fix It will ensure that your unit is running at peak performance and is feeding clean cool air to your home when you need it.

AC tune-ups can also help prevent costly repairs when problems are caught early on. The typical AC tune-up takes on average one hour. At Just Fix It, we go through a thorough checklist to ensure your system is in the best condition possible.

Check our current specials to find the right discount for you. It is wise to have your AC unit tuned once a year. The sooner, the better. With older units, it is advised that you get a tune-up twice a year to ensure the system is running properly and not raising your utility bill.

When you get a tune-up in the winter, it gives you more time to address potential problems before the heat of summer comes. Nothing is worse than having AC troubles when it is hot outside.

Our Guarantee

If your AC breaks down within six months of your tune-up, we will credit the tune-up cost to your repair.

—Aaron Childress, General Manager, and the Just Fix It team

Early Bird AC Tune-Up

Think back to the last time you had your AC serviced . . .

Was it when something was broken?

This is completely normal!

But a breakdown in the heat of July is not fun. Why wait until it is an emergency? 

Routine maintenance on your HVAC system prevents unexpected repairs.

Plus, your system will run more efficiently and keep you cool.

Tune-Up Checklist

Our expert technician will clean, test, and inspect your system to help your AC run more efficiently and help you stay ahead of any potential breakdowns.

✔  Clean the outdoor AC condenser.

✔  Verify that the system has proper refrigerant levels and check for any refrigerant leaks (if accessible).

✔  Verify there is proper water drain flow (if accessible).

✔  Inspect, measure, and test the "technical stuff" (the things we don't think about until they break)—compressor, condenser fan, contactor, start assist device, electrical disconnect, and more.

AC Maintenance

AC maintenance includes comprehensive condenser coil cleaning and regularly changing filters. This improves your AC system and makes your system more cost and energy efficient while guaranteeing free-flowing cold air throughout your Greater Houston, TX, home. Regular AC maintenance will drastically improve the longevity of your unit.

Here is what our professionals will perform during an inspection and service:

  • Check and tighten electrical connections
  • Check heat exchanger for cracks or leaks
  • Clean drain line and trap
  • Ductwork inspection
  • Test emergency shut-offs
  • Inspect controls and safety devices
  • Clean, and check burners
  • Inspect all filters
  • Check carbon monoxide levels
  • Adjust refrigerant levels
  • Check contractors
  • Inspect pressure and temperatures
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Check the blower motor and belts and adjust accordingly

Your AC unit keeps your house warm during the winter and keeps you cool in the summer. A tuned AC unit will ensure that you are in comfortable conditions year-round. With the high demand you place on your system, it is important to check if it is running efficiently as well as energy efficient.

AC Repair

The foundation of the Just Fix It name is "Fix." Unlike our competitors, we will repair your AC unit before suggesting a replacement.

Our technicians pride themselves on making your home safe. Our "Fix first" policy allows you to not be out of pocket without a reason. Later down the road if you need a replacement, your AC repair cost could be credited to your new unit installation.

AC Installation

In some cases, you may find yourself needing to replace your current unit. Don't worry, Just Fix It is here to help!

Just Fix It can install a new AC unit in your home today! Our expert technicians will quickly and efficiently install your new unit. Our HVAC technicians take the time to properly install your AC system to maximize the efficiency of the unit while making sure it is effective in the long run.

AC Repair Emergency

Houston is no stranger to bad weather or gloomy rainy days. When an unexpected AC problem happens you can bet that it will be hot and humid outside.Call Just Fix It at 281-617-2231, and we will have one of our experienced technicians out to your home at a moment's notice. Regardless of the need, we have the experience and the technicians at hand to get your issue taken care of.

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“Christian did a great job! He checked my A/C thoroughly, explained all his findings clearly, and documented the problems with pictures, and he was efficient, considerate, and prompt. I’m very pleased.”

- Laura R.

“I was pretty upset when the air conditioner stopped working, however, happy it’s not in the heat of the summer. I called Just Fix It and John W. was there same day. The girl I talked to reassured me John was knowledgable and I would be in good hands. He was able to get my system up and running and tuned it up as well. He let me know I should be fine through the summer which I was relieved to hear. Thanks John and Just Fix It for coming to my rescue!  I would highly recommend Just Fix It!”

- Lexi T.

“They were very responsive and communicated several times before the appointment. Christian was very efficient, which was extremely helpful to me and my schedule today. The quoted price was exactly what I paid for the check up. The information was communicated to me in a very easy way and emailed to me afterwards. Everything was great!”

- Roxy W.

“Christian with JFI provided excellent service. He was respectful of my home, and very knowledgeable and competent regarding the inspection and maintenance of my AC system. I definitely recommend Just Fix It AC & Heating for all your HVAC needs.”

- Karmease

“Great company and great people. Do what they say and stand behind their statements. Always nice to find friendly, courteous, helpful contractors that work toward fixing your problems in the best way possible. Enjoy doing business with them.”

- Tommy M.