While ACs are built to last, there comes a day when even the toughest units must be replaced. Don’t be caught off guard when that day comes. Be prepared with Just Fix It.

Our air conditioning replacement services ensure a quick turnaround time between the end of the old unit and the beginning of the new one. We work efficiently to get your Greater Houston, TX, home the cool air it needs.

Air conditioning replacement is one of our top services. We are a local HVAC contractor company with the expertise and personnel to replace multiple brands of ACs, like Amana and Goodman. When Just Fix It replaces a unit, we ensure it’s done right to maximize the new unit’s lifespan.

Trust Just Fix It to have your best interest in mind. We offer you the opportunity to request a second opinion on your AC replacement quote to keep us accountable.

Our priority is your safety, not upselling or cutting corners. Here at Just Fix It, we want to foster long-term relationships with our customers

Central Air Conditioner Replacement

A central air conditioning unit is a standard setup in many homes. All parts of the central unit should be adequately replaced to ensure they perform efficiently.

Air ducts with the system are essential as well. When replaced, they need to be as clean as possible since these parts get dirty faster.

If these steps are not taken, your central air conditioning unit will perform poorly and increase your energy bill without cooling your home. Trust Fix It to replace your central air conditioning unit the right way the first time.

Ductless Air Conditioning Replacement

A ductless mini split is the next most common air conditioning unit we see in homes, which is several small units that regulate heating and cooling in specific rooms.

A wall AC unit replacement takes special precautions to ensure it is safely attached and will create proper airflow in the room to maximize efficiency and its cooling effect. Amana and Goodman air conditioners are most readily available at Just Fix It. However, our technicians can work on all brands of air conditioners.

Our Top Air Conditioning Brands

Amana Air Conditioners

  • Amana is great for homeowners looking for high-quality HVAC systems.
  • Amana carries an excellent warranty.
  • Amana is great for those looking for American-made products.
  • Amana's durability and warranty plan rank this brand among the best in the industry.

Goodman Air Conditioners

  • One of the leading manufacturers in the HVAC industry.
  • Completely American-made products.
  • Great for budget shoppers who still want a quality product.
  • A reliable AC unit with respectable SEER ratings.
  • It has everything a homeowner wants: high-quality, long-lasting, and a good warranty.

AC Maintenance

Our AC maintenance includes swapping filters and a comprehensive coil cleaning service on your unit. We will help your AC get back to blowing cold air throughout your unit and will help to reduce your energy usage.

AC Tune-Up

An AC tune-up is key to the AC maintenance process. It involves inspecting the coolant levels and ensuring all moving parts are lubricated. During your tune-up, our technicians inspect your ductwork to check for potential cool air leaks. Electrical connection points are secured. Lastly, the unit performance is measured and compared to the unit’s standard output of energy to save you money.

AC Installation

Just Fix It can also install a brand new AC system for your home. We have expert HVAC technicians who will properly install your unit to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. We will get your home feeling comfortable before you know it. Give us a call at 281-617-2231 today for all HVAC needs!

Fix More Save More

Just Fix It provides several special offers for AC replacement. Here at Just Fix It, the more you replace, the more you can save!

Most ACs units are built to last fifteen to twenty years. If you find yourself facing severe AC issues at this stage, it may be more cost-effective to replace rather than spend money repairing an old unit that will continue to break down. Our HVAC experts recommend you replace your AC system entirely when replacing your AC unit. While this is not required, combining new and old equipment will hinder your AC system efficiency. Your AC unit is only as strong as its weakest part.

Yes, you should seriously consider replacing your AC unit if it is 20+ years old. Not only will many parts be nearing their expected life span, but these parts are much less advanced than today’s parts. Most units of this age are costing you more monthly than a newer AC unit would. The parts replaced may include the inside air handler, exterior compressor, new refrigerant supply tubes, thermostat, and condensation drain lines.

AC replacement may also involve the removal of the old unit, preparing the AC unit area, and testing the new unit. It takes between four to eight hours to replace an AC unit. In our experience, Amana and Goodman air conditioners are the best in the business.

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