Review Our Repair Options for Your Home

No unnecessary upselling or compromising on quality. We consult you on genuine repairs needed, plus safety and code updates.

Most clients have not seen a technician in a while and didn't plan on seeing us today. Having a few things to fix is normal, but often not expected by our clients.

You Save when we save. With Fix More Save More™, completing more repairs in a single visit reduces our cost and yours. Woo!

Number of Repairs Total Savings
3 3%
4 6%
5 9%
6 12%
7 15%
8 or more 18%


"Fix More Save More"
Discounting cannot be combined with any other discounts, promotions, or bundles.

Select Your Easy Payment Plan

Didn't budget for home repairs? We get it. Take care of those repairs today with Fix More Save More, and take the time you need on our dime instead of yours. Woo!

Repairs Minimum Payment Plans
$500 6 months, no interest
$500 12 months, no interest
$750 18 months, no interest
$2,500 60 months, 9.99%–14.99% interest
$4,500 120 months, 9.99%–14.99% interest


"Fix More Save More"
Note on all no interest plans: Interest will accrue during the promotional period, but if you pay off your entire purchase balance before the end of the promotional period, all accrued interest will be waived. If the promotional period ends with an unpaid balance, interest will be owed from the promotional period and future interest will be charged. Interest rate is credit dependent and variable.