Air conditioning is one of the most important inventions of the 21st century. Most residential and commercial buildings in the United States have a central air conditioner system that helps keep the temperature at a desirable, comfortable state, so people can work and live in comfort.

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After years of installing and servicing central air conditioning units for residents in the Houston community, Just Fix It decided to build an HVAC company that provides services with respect and integrity. Our customers confidently refer to Just Fix It as the premier HVAC contractor in all Greater Houston. Expect quality customer service and transparent pricing from each one of our technicians.

If your air conditioning is not cooling,

  1. Check the controllers, see if the temperature seems accurate, and go over the settings to make sure it is set to cool.
  2. Check the filters. Dirty filters could prevent the cool air from flowing.
  3. Revise the outdoor condenser unit—it could be dirty or clogged. Try cleaning it.

At this point, if you can't find a solution to your problem, you may want to call a trusted HVAC technician. Contact Just Fix It for same-day service. The bad odor coming out of air conditioning systems is often mildew. Paying attention to the way your AC smells will help you determine the cause.

  • Feet smell is often mildew.
  • Burning smell could be an electrical component malfunction.
  • Smell of rotten eggs usually means dead animals are stuck in the AC.
  • Gas smell or skunk smell often indicates a gas leak.

Call Just Fix It for an inspection or a duct cleaning. We will find the best solution to the lousy home air conditioning smell you are dealing with.

All air conditioning units will produce a sound when running. Most residential air conditioning units fall between 25 decibels and 70 decibels. Newer air conditioner units tend to be less noisy than older units of similar size. Bigger units tend to be noisier than smaller units.

There are also reasons why your AC unit is unusually noisy. The life of an AC unit could range all the way from 10 to 15 years. You can always extend the life of your air conditioning system by regularly maintaining the units and components and changing air filters regularly. Watch for the signs that call for air conditioner replacement or at least maintenance.

  1. You are not getting cold air after AC maintenance.
  2. The flow of air is not sufficient.
  3. There is moisture or leakage around the unit.
  4. Unusual sounds are coming from the air conditioner.
  5. Areas of your house are not cooling.
  6. Your electricity bill is unusually high for the current season.

Read more about energy-saving tips for air conditioning.

Most air conditioner brands we work with are trusted and reliable. The best type of air conditioning system for you depends on the cubic feet you need to cool down, the layout of your house, your budget, and ultimately your needs.

Your AC system will lower the temperature of your house but not necessarily the humidity. Air conditioning could minimally help with humidity but not significantly.  It would help if you had a dehumidifier to help with the sensation of extra heat on those musty summer days.

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