(he Amana S-series brand is a slim side discharge style system that provides a premium mid-efficiency solution at an affordable price. It connects to traditional ducted equipment with ease, and the slim profile provides a solution when traditional cube-style options cannot.

The Amana brand S-series system offers the same high-quality design, performance, and features as other Amana brand systems, but at a fraction of their size. With clearance space as little as 4” from a wall, the S-series works when installation space is restricted. Because of its slim design, it is easy to transport and install.

  • Flexibility in design and installation to meet the demands of most projects.
  • Install on pad or as a wall mount.
  • Will support zero lot line and small patio/backyard spaces.

The Amana S-series system features inverter technology, giving the S-series added intelligence, allowing it to adjust operations to match desired comfort levels. Inverter technology helps the system run at an energy-conserving level, despite the climate conditions, by making slight adjustments to the compressor’s speed.

As a result, the S-series will be able to reach the desired set-point faster and maintain a more consistent indoor comfort level compared to traditional non-inverter systems. It is an ideal choice for most single, two, and three-story homes with existing ductwork.

The Amana S-series system wouldn’t be complete without a smart thermostat to support control and comfort. The new Amana smart thermostat communicating control does just that! The capacitive touchscreen is not only stylish but easy to use.

Homeowners will appreciate the feature-rich design and intuitive functionality. A single configurable auxiliary output allows control of an external humidifier, dehumidifier, or secondary heat source. The Amana smart thermostat is also compatible with the new Amana home app for end-user control from anywhere on their smart device and voice control compatibility with Amazon and Google smart devices (with Wi-Fi).

With sound levels as low as 56 dB(A), quiet mode, and swing compressor technology, homeowners will enjoy peace and quiet inside and out with the Amana S-series system.

The purchase of an indoor comfort system is not one to be taken lightly. However, it’s one you can make with an air of confidence when you consider all that distinguishes the venerable Amana brand. Thanks to inverter technology, the Amana brand S-series can increase efficiency by up to 30 percent or more compared to conventional fixed-speed systems. This results in additional opportunities to save on monthly energy bills.


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