Whole Home Surge Protection is now required by National Electrical Code

Kasey, licensed electrician with Just Fix It to discuss important information about whole home surge protection requirements imposed by the National Electrical Code and the NFPA.

Video Transcript:

Hey guys, this is Kasey with Just Fix It here. So, we’re talking about surge protection today.

This is like plugging your entire home into a surge trip, but 10 times better. It protects all your electronics. So, fridges, ACs, furnaces, TVs, computers, washers, dryers. There’s more electronics in the home than that, but we’ll just stick with that for now.

So, it’s now required, in mid 2020, for us to put that in when replacing a panel, or a new home build. So, a lot of people already have surge protection already. Just keep in mind, if you do that some of these only have warranty coverage for five years.

So if this thing fails to do its job within five years they will cover the incident. But if you’re out of that coverage, it’s kind of on your own. So make sure you get that replaced within that warranty to your specific surge protector.

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