10 reasons why Indoor Air Quality is worth the investment

As the holiday season quickly approaches, we have more than our fair share of illnesses to be wary of… Flu, Common Cold, and COVID-19. As your family comes together, there may be fear of unknowingly passing an illness to a relative. Not only do you want to keep yourself safe, but you also want to keep your entire family safe from spreading or catching a virus. One thing you can do to prevent illness is to invest in an indoor air quality (IAQ) system to keep you and your family safe this holiday season.  

The EPA reports that “Americans, on average, spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors,1 where the concentrations of some pollutants are often 2 to 5 times higher than typical outdoor concentrations.2

Before we share 10 reasons to invest in indoor air quality, what is IAQ?

What Is Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)?

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is the most advanced air cleaning system for your entire home. IAQ strategically places UV lights and media filtration inside your HVAC system to kill or remove microscopic particles from your air (including dust, dander, and airborne viruses). 

We’ve all heard about the reduced risk of catching an illness when we are outdoors. The outside air dilutes the concentrations of germs. But let’s be real – opening up windows and doors is rarely an option in our climate. You can, however, bring the disinfecting power of the sun inside with UV lights.

Different Types of IAQ Systems

Like most things, an IAQ system is made up of different parts. IAQ systems include:

UV Light. Prevent bacterial and viral growth with UV light.

Media Filter Cabinets. These filters keep your unit functioning by keeping dust off the coils – extending the lifespan of your HVAC system and the next time you need to dust.

Duct Cleaning and Fostering. Clean the ducts your air is flowing through.

Attic Tents. Create a guard that stops air flow from the hot attic into your home.

Sure, you can pull portable air purifiers from room to room and make your immediate surroundings feel cleaner. Feeling cleaner versus being clean isn’t the same thing. 

Meanwhile, Just Fix It IAQ keeps your entire home clean because it treats the air passing through the ducts. 

Interested in IAQ? Let us Just Fix It and get your air ready for the holiday season!

10 Reasons To Invest in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

So why is now the time to invest in IAQ? We put together 10 reasons to invest in indoor air quality.

1. Kill Viruses. 

Your family may be gathering for the first time this holiday season. Take some of the stress off your shoulder when hosting your family by taking care of your IAQ. IAQ systems are proven to kill viruses, including cold, flu, MERS, and SARS.

How? UV-C light in an HVAC system will disrupt the cellular structure of those microorganisms  and prevent them from reproducing during their short lives. In order words… IAQ prevents future generations of these harmful viruses in your home.

Your family will thank you for protecting them, and you can rest easy knowing your sneezy nephew’s germs won’t be lingering in the air after everyone leaves.

2. Keep Your HVAC System Clean Between Routine Maintenance.   

Just like no one wants to replace their HVAC system during the simmering Houston summers… No one wants to hear their systems are breaking down between routine maintenance. Just Fix It‘s IAQ will keep your HVAC system clean, extend the life of your HVAC, and help you avoid costly repairs. 

3. Stop Tiny Particles From Passing Through Regular Filters.

Breathe easier knowing that Just Fix It media filtration eliminates tiny particles in your indoor air that would otherwise pass through regular one-inch filters. According to the EPA, both your lungs and heart can be affected by exposure to these tiny particles. A healthy heart and lungs means there will be many, many more family gatherings!

4. Tell Dust and Dander To Take a Hike.

Did you know some dust is actually dead skin cells? Both dust and pet dander float around your home and settle on your surfaces. Investing in an IAQ system means that there will be less dust in the air – resulting in less aggravated lungs and healthier breathing. Plus, it could cut down on your dusting and cleaning! Spend more time on place settings and holiday decorations, less time with dust rags.

5. Remove Outdoor Pollutants From Your Home.

When we are safe in our homes, we escape the troubles of the outside world. In this feeling of safety, it’s easy to forget the pollutants outside are actually inside, too. The UV lights in an IAQ system will catch these pollutants as they pass through the HVAC system. Instead of suffering through seasonal allergies, choking on harmful exhaust, and battling microbial growth-related illnesses, make your home a safe zone.

6. Be Energy Efficient.

Your HVAC system will operate more efficiently when it is clean. Prevent moisture from causing microbial growth and clogging your condensate drain pan, saving you money down the line. This will be the “treat yourself” gift that keeps on giving! 

7. Indoor Air Is 2-5 Times Worse Than Outside Air.

Have you ever been asked if you live in a barn after leaving the outside door open? Or that you’re not paying to air condition the neighborhood?

Ironically, outside air is safer than your indoor air because of the sun’s UV rays.

With traditional HVAC systems, contaminants enter and are trapped inside your home with no way out. That’s why Just Fix It encourages its clients to invest in an indoor air quality system to eliminate that problem. Breathe easier inside your home.

8. Protect Your Family From Chemicals Off-Gassing From Household Items.

Babies crawl. Kids wrestle. And somehow, the youngest generation is always on the floor during the holidays. Surprising to some, the new carpet, hardwoods, varnishes, paints, and upholstery contain dangerous chemicals that “off-gas” into the air and can be harmful. Enjoy family time knowing that you invested in your family’s health and wellness by protecting them from the potentially dangerous chemicals released from your new carpet’s weave. 

9. Promote Better Sleep.

We are repeatedly told that a good night’s sleep improves our mood, productivity, and overall health. Cleaner air quality and better airflow in your home will only support better sleep. Spend less time fighting allergies and more time dreaming about our Houston “winter wonderland”.

10. Eliminate Lasting Cooking Odors.

Home-cooked meals are a staple of holiday family gatherings, but the smells that go along with cooking don’t have to linger long past dinner time. Prevent the odor from sticking around by investing in a Just Fix It IAQ system.

Prepare Your Indoor Air Quality For The Holidays

As you prepare the menus, the gifts, and your gatherings, prepare your home’s air.

Not only will you breathe, sleep, and feel better, your home will be cleaner and even more inviting for years to come. Determine the right IAQ system for your home here. If you need more reasons to invest in indoor air quality, give us a call at 281-617-2231.

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