Easy homeowner DIY: Cleaning your AC unit

General Manager, Aaron Childress, shares this easy homeowner DIY — about cleaning your AC unit when it’s hit with grass clippings!

Video Transcript:

Every once in a while, when the grass gets cut, we get a little bit of grass clippings in here. And I want to show you how to keep that cleaned off.

Now first, you wanna make sure that there's no electricity to the condensing units. You should have a disconnect like this one. All you need to do is pull the disconnect out.

Once you pull the disconnect, you've taken power completely away from the condenser here.

You want to take your water hose and try to get these grass clippings out of here.

This is good to do in between your maintenance visits done by a licensed professional.

Our maintenance visits, they come with chemical cleaning on this, but keeping it clean every once in a while is something a homeowner can do.

Don't spray water right on top of it because these fins will bend, but a light spray, away from it.

Once you are water washed here, all you have to do is plug your disconnect back in, and the fan will dry off the condenser coil.

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