Storm season: What to know when overhead electrical lines are damaged

As we enter storm season, we’re already seeing storms brewing in the gulf!

Houston homeowners should be aware of how high winds could affect their home’s electrical equipment, and what to do in the worst case scenario.

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When tree branches are knocked loose, they often take down overhead electrical lines, disrupting the power to your home.

It’s at this point many folks learn which equipment belongs to them, and what belongs to Centerpoint, and who is ultimately responsible for the repairs.

Service from an underground line:

The riser – the metal or plastic pipe below your meter where the power lines connect to your home – is owned by the customer. The customer must hire an electrician to repair a damaged riser. CenterPoint Energy cannot restore electrical service until all customer-owned equipment is repaired.”

– weather & storm center (link)

The equipment that is attached to your home is your responsibility to repair should it be pulled down during a storm.

Once a licensed professional electrician makes the repairs for you, they will facilitate the power restoration with your city’s permitting office and CenterPoint Energy.


##Houston homeowners, as storm season approaches, here’s what to know about potential wind damage and your electrical system.

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