Does Installing AC Increase Home Value?

Yes! Installing AC will increase your home value. Adding an HVAC system to your home or upgrading your current system adds an extra level of comfort & peace of mind for future buyers, home inspectors, and any home valuation reports.

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Another benefit of installing AC is the energy saved by an efficient system cooling your home. An AC under performing will take longer to cool your house and use up more energy. The longer an AC under performs, the worse it gets, until it is blowing hot air instead of blowing cool air.

Will A New AC Save Money?

Absolutely! A new AC unit will save you money. A new AC unit means it is SEER2 certified, following the latest energy efficiency regulations that began Jan 1st, 2023. 

New systems can heat and cool your house quicker and run less often, making them more efficient when cooling or heating your home. You’ll see those energy savings each month on your utility bills. An energy-efficient AC can lower your energy bills by 20 – 40% each month. The higher the SEER rating, the more you or future home buyers will save on bills. 

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