Save Big This Summer By Installing An Energy Efficient Air Conditioner

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 An energy efficient air conditioner uses less energy than a regular AC to achieve the same cooling needs. This reduces power consumption, lowers energy bills, and makes your home cooler faster.

Energy Efficient Air Conditioners

 With many types of air conditioners in the market today, it’s important to research and determine which unit is best for your space, bills, and lifestyle. It is also worth noting that air conditioning units vary and may deliver different results based on temperature and energy requirements. 

Energy Efficient Air Conditioners vs Low Efficiency Units

 Some people still use older AC models. Those who use energy saving units are already enjoying their benefits. Technology continues to create a big difference between the older and new models. New designs have superior quality features, making them energy efficient and more effective than older models. The best way to know the difference between an energy efficient AC and older models is to check the features. For instance, new models:

 • Reduce noise level by more than twenty percent

 • Consume less energy 

 • Have a thermostat

 • Are more environmentally friendly

 • Are sleeker and smaller with new coolants


How Do Energy Efficient Air Conditioners Work?

An energy efficient unit keeps the home cool at a lower energy rate than a standard AC. The newer efficient units transfer heat from inside to outside and cool existing air with refrigerant. Additionally, new efficient ACs can regulate temperature and conserve more power by working at a lower capacity when not needed.

 How well your AC runs can also depend on the AC efficiency vs outside temperature. The hotter it is outside, the more energy is needed to cool a home. Conversely, high outside temperatures affect the home’s cooling, especially when using older models. This means the AC must run at very high temperatures to meet the cooling temperature requirements. But this can lead to various negative effects such as high power consumption, increased wear and tear, longer cooling times, and lower AC lifespan. 

 Is Air Conditioning Efficient?

Air conditioners use more energy the larger they are, the hotter it is, and the bigger the space they are cooling is. So the energy intake of an AC is higher than that of a simple fan, but the cooling benefits are far better. 

So, is an AC efficient? Compared to old ACs, new high efficiency models are more efficient. Generally, an AC is an appliance that uses a lot of energy. However, most people find it essential. So it’s good to find one that uses the least amount of energy.

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Energy Efficiency Regulations

The Department Of Energy introduced new SEER regulations starting January 2023. Air conditioners are among the affected products, so those wanting to buy an AC should stay updated with their state regulations before buying them. 

 The DOE demands a lower SEER2 product rating to create a more sustainable future. For this reason, manufacturers are redesigning features to meet the new testing requirements. It is important to check the new regulations since they vary from region to region. 

What Is the Most Energy Efficient Air Conditioner for Home

 Determining the most energy efficient unit depends on various factors such as the type, size, features, and heating and cooling needs. The most common energy efficient air conditioners include mini split AC and central AC.

 An energy efficient central air conditioner is good for cooling a whole house. At the same time, a mini split is usually suitable for a smaller space or installation in an older home without ductwork for forced cooling.

Central AC Advantages

Mini-Split Advantages

    • Efficient Air Circulation A central air unit uses vents to supply sufficient cooling and ventilation in the home. Return vents in the system remove unfiltered air, creating efficient air circulation in the house. This sucks pollutants and improves air quality. 

    • Suitable For Larger HomesA central air unit is a better option when looking for an air conditioner that meets heating and cooling demands for a large home. These units can serve larger rooms, keeping them cool and comfortable.

  • Highly Efficient Mini-splits come with advanced technological features that make them highly efficient. The ductless heat pump heats and cools the home from a single unit, saving homeowners money. 

  • Flexibility For Zoning Larger mini-split units with multiple indoor heads increase zoning flexibility since one head can run while the other is off. This saves money and energy. The number of multiple doors depends on the cooling needs of the building or each zone.

A ductless mini-split is a good energy efficient choice for smaller spaces. Still, the unit will have to work overtime for larger homes to keep all areas cool. On the other hand, a central AC uses a lot of energy but is more efficient in larger spaces. In some cases, combining the two units will deliver the best results at the best cost. Consult a Just Fix It HVAC expert to determine which AC style suits you and your cooling needs. 

Make Money by Installing Energy Efficient Air Conditioners

 Investing in energy efficient units can save money in the long run. The unit cools the home without consuming much energy, minimizing monthly bills. 

 Under the Inflation Reduction Act. Installing a new energy-efficient unit could qualify homeowners for a Federal tax credit of up to 30% of installation costs and up to $600 for highly efficient and qualified air conditioners. Making general improvements, such as investing in energy-efficient units, is an easy way to qualify for tax credits and claim rebates. This can save homeowners money in the long run. 

Can I Deduct My Energy Efficient Air Conditioner?

 Yes, homeowners can deduct qualifying units if they made qualifying home improvements in their primary residences. They may be eligible to claim them when they file taxes. The extension for the federal tax credits increased from $500 to an annual cap of between $1,200 and $2,000 per the improvements that homeowners make. These changes will remain in place for ten years, taking effect from January 1, 2023, to 2032. It is also worth noting that the tax credit amount is mainly limited to 30% of the project cost. For this reason, homeowners can claim credit for more projects when spread out over many years.

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Save Money with Efficient AC

 Homeowners can enjoy all the benefits of an energy efficient unit without using much power. The best way to save money is by replacing an old unit with the latest models with an energy star rating. 

 While investing in an energy efficient AC is a great way to save money, homeowners should also keep the units well-maintained. The best ways to maximize your energy savings:

 • Get smart about the thermostat

 • Install and utilize ceiling fans

 • Service the AC often 

 • Create more ventilation in the home 

 • Plant trees to shade the home

 Additionally, it is important to consider professional air conditioner installation. Experienced technicians know the safety precautions and installation requirements that increase the unit’s efficiency. When looking to Install AC in Katy, it is essential to hire an experienced technician for effective results, better performance, and improved efficiency in the long run. This will save you money on energy bills and extend the lifespan of the AC. 

How Much More Energy Efficient Are New Air Conditioners

Today’s energy efficient models are more than 40% more energy efficient than units from 10 years ago. 

What is the Most Efficient AC Temperature?

The most efficient AC temperature is between 72º and 78º. A temperature in this range will increase your home energy savings significantly.

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Is it More Cost-Effective to Keep AC On? 

 Leaving the AC on full blast day and night is not advisable. Keeping the AC on will make it work harder to meet the maximum heating or cooling needs. However, turning on the unit within the appropriate temperature settings can maintain the home’s suitable humidity and temperature balance. An energy efficient AC regulates its energy usage and will conserve when it can. 

Why Should You Switch To a New Energy Efficient Air Conditioner?

 Replacing an old unit with a new energy efficient air conditioner is highly beneficial. The benefits of an efficient unit in Katy, installed by a professional technician, exceed the old models by far. A new unit saves time, convenience, and money in the long run. 

 New models are more reliable, reduce carbon footprint, and have fewer future costs. Call Just Fix It to install your energy efficient AC in Katy today.ƒ

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