Two easy things you can do to improve your home’s ventilation during a pandemic

Olivia, from Just Fix It, with indoor air quality improvement tips for homeowners. These suggestions from the CDC help prevent the spread of disease during a pandemic.


Video Transcript:

Hey y’all. Olivia from Just Fix It here.

I’m going to cover two free easy things that you can do to improve your home’s air quality as recommended by the CDC during this pandemic.

So, the first thing is for, on beautiful days like today, you can open the windows in your home and improve the ventilation. The other thing you can do is set your thermostat’s fan to on rather than auto. What’s that going to do is it’s going to turn the air in your, your home more often, which is another recommendation by the CDC to reduce the risk of transmission.

So, those are two free easy things you can do. I’ll be back tomorrow with some other things to improve the air quality within your home.

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