Can you DIY a UV light installation?

Olivia here, from Just Fix It, answering your questions about UV light technology for improving indoor air quality. Many homeowners might wonder if a UV light installation can be a DIY project.

Video Transcript:

Hey y’all, Olivia from Just Fix It here.

I’m out here at one of our customer’s homes, installing a UV light, a complete home UV sterilization system with my colleague, Chris. He’s just working on that right now.

One of the most common questions that we get about this type of technology is if the installation is DIY-able. And, certainly there’s people that do that. Just want to kind of give you a couple of things to think about if you’re considering that.

So one is safety. The output of these lamps is very, very high-powered. This is UV light, like what the sun puts out and we’re not supposed to look directly in the sun because of how it can hurt our eyes, same thing goes with these bulbs. So if you’re doing something incorrectly and you end up looking at the light because of the installation not being done correctly, you could hurt your eyes.

The other thing is this type of installation into the unit can void the warranty from the manufacturer.

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